Saturday, October 23, 2004

My last post was eaten up unceremoniously, with a little help from spyware.Now ladies,gentlemen and you bunch of layabouts Presenting ,the new Australapithecus with new formatted hard disk.
Today I met an old friend of mine (from school) hence again. we catch the route 6 bus to Nostalgia.
Our conversation suddenly turned to this dude AA, our classmate.This dude, had this unique logic,which none of us understood.Or we were too drunk to understand..
so once..dude goes to friends house... ,with friends the dog looks at the grandfather intently.
AA goes. " know why that dog is looking at you?" .
Puzzled Uncle says "err.. no"
He says" Uncle it wants to express its love and admiration for you, it doesnt have words, so it shows its feelings by just looking"
Uncle: "err ok. if you say so"
One of us :(whispers ) Cunt! its looking because we are hogging mutton and it got only bread and milk"

Another day: same setting: same friends same grandfather is at the table.Conversation turns to Veg and Non-Veg.
AA: "Uncle,did you know . Fish is Veg."
Uncle: " Err....I think I will eat in my room"
We: Choke due to laughter at inconvenient moments.

We move along from there to this other dude: lets call him House Captain
So HC walks into our English class and announces before one and all "I want some girls"
All of us including the teacher laughed so hard.It took HC quite some time to realise what exactly was going on, but he got there eventually.He turned on his heel walked out and re-entered.This time he said it right, or at least that was what I was told.I was rolling around on the ground laughing.

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