Thursday, December 04, 2008

So with very little to say, I shall resort to the old trick of entertaining people/myself with "Recent Keyword Activity"

Righto. Here we go.

First on the list, no surprise: Telangana porn. My question is: how do you know if said porn is authentic and from T. maybe it was shot just over the Adilabad border in Chattisgarh? or in Bidar, or worse still, god forbid, across the Khammam-East Godavari border,in shudder Andhra. Do the "participants" wear only Kohinoor brand condoms? You know...the pink connection, is that like the hologram on my licence.

Next.More porn. Someone came here looking for "australopithecus porn". I mean vintage porn is one thing, but this!! Youv'e seen our bare bones already, what are you looking for now? bare boners? How about bear boners if you swing that way.

What jobs did Australopithecuses have to do: Well if they were involved in the flourishing Australopithecus porn industry as is apparent from the search term above, they had to do blow jobs, hand jobs and odd jobs. Sometimes they sold mastodons to the Ramapithecus,. They being not so good at planing, storage and hunting, you know generally going around the place "Ram Bharose"(shouldn't that be Australopithecus bharose?). Of course we also had to answer the call of nature and do the big jobs and the small jobs.

Australopithecine Tsung boy: Wtf? We never Tsang. Whatever you thought was Tsung was a result of mind altering drugs the Chinese fed you in Vietnam.

Australopithecine dyke: Not here pliss, second door on right.Ask for "Butch" Cassidy.


Cynic in Wonderland said...

the last one..verr interesting!

Australopithecus said...

does "butch" cassidy interest you. i didnt know you swung that way:P

oh you mean the concept of "dykes" among australopithecines. ..yes they lived in low lying areas and had to keep the sea out by building dykes.