Tuesday, November 28, 2006

CLEAR!! Wzzzzzzzztttttt.
That is what is needed to get this blog back to life.A defibrillator.
Before this blog becomes a Palentologist's wet dream I had better do somehting to bring it back to life.

So yes MPs and Greg Chappell. M.P.s who can neither govern efficiently, nor tell a cricket bat from the reproductive organs of a Komodo Dragon, have now become cricket experts.
Dip in performance? I don't think so. When compared to the Ganguly-Wright combination, I would believe that overall performance is about the same. I'm too lazy to actually go look this up, so some of the enthu pakodas among the readers (all 3 of you, i.e 3 readers not 3 enthu pakodas) go do the needful.

Here is a question.
If you were smuggling condoms into Somalia. Would you be running a protection racket?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

So, I saw this shop selling a very interestingly named brand of ice cream. It was called Scallops ice cream. Is it just me or is there something fishy about that.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

How do you know if your country has a great judicial system?

When after 59 years of independence, the Chief Justice of the country says " I have asked judges to go by evidence before them"
I can hear what sounds like claps (or slaps) no no its not people fighting against dengue and chikun gunya. Its the sound of various judges slapping their heads and going "Evidence! damn! I knew i forgot something"

How did they dole out justice before this revolutionary new concept of 'evidence' came up? Play fastest finger first? Molesters have unfair advantage in fastest fingerer first, they are there 'cause of their fingering abilities wonly.
Was it like "pick a card, any card...your card is 9 of spades? Thats 9 years hard labour (get it..spades)
Maybe even Tambola. The chap who gets a 'full house' goes to the 'big house'

Why reveal this to them now? Why spoil the surprise at this juncture? Who wil buy the law books to find out who went to jail . Whodunnits are not important, never mind who dunnit, Whocopstheblames are now in vogue.
Speaking of Cops and Blame and all that...(plays Delhi Police theme song)...See I watched CSI and all the various spin off serials, so it is just a tad dissapointing when I come to hear that apne wonderful crime scene specialists, destroyed evidence by attempting to preserve DNA sample in the wrong medium, not english or telugu but formalin. Apparently formalin does to DNA what Australia does to India on the cricket field.

Samples generally considered unsuitable for testing with current techniques include embalmed bodies (with the possible exception of bone or plucked hairs), pathology or fetal tissue samples that have been immersed in formaldehyde or formalin for more than a few hours (with the notable exception of pathology paraffin blocks and slides ), and urine stains. Other samples such as feces, fecal stains, and vomit can potentially be tested, but are not routinely accepted by most laboratories for testing. Source