Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The last book I bought

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Bunty aur Babli

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

"The rest is silence." Hamlet Act V, Scene II
Net conked out for 10 days. makikirkiri.even I ran out of abuses to hurl at the internet chap.
(yes yes i even tried chipkali ke chut ke pasine)
Anyhow the last few days have been amazing fun. I am still gainfully unemployed, and loving it.
A lot of friends have come to town.The entire gang met up.members of which are now spread over four different continents, good coordination on their part ,getting here at the same time.
conversation drifted to reality shows,all the vagueo shows they get in various parts of the world.Hey! I dont even watch the vagueo shows we get here.Reality "TV" katte .As I've said before:If I want reality,I'll look out of the window.
now I am tired I shall go and catch some sleep.just came here to mark my attendance.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Once two dudes were happily going on a motorcycle, A was sitting behing holding his.....friend's guitar.Suddenly aforemention and in front seated friend saw potti on road and swerved a bit in excitement, adding to Chicha's(who was right behind them, on his motorcycle) already full list of woes. Though he took it quite nicely i must say.What he said sounded remarkably like "Banjo!".A replied "nahin Chicha Guitar hai!".Even in such moment that Chicha was keen on Music.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Chennai Chronicless:part one

Almost two full days here.Right from the frying pan into the pressure then what did I expect?
Full action filled two days it has been.On Day1 ate lunch cooked by grandmom, mmmm .followed by hogging at hotel and later at aunts house,a trip to the beach(no no not Marina) and at long last i watched....hold your breath....(fanfare)Chandramukhiall I have to say about the film is...lakalakalakalakalakalaka....Repeatey!Only to be seen if you are a true Rajni fan..but if you were a rajni fan,you would have seen it 23 times already..exactly Repeatey!.This is one movie you have to leave your brain at home.since one of those aforementioned items(ie"brain")was not issued to me due to a minor clerical error.I enjoyed the film thoroughly.The movie affected us so much that we suddenly decided to go on a road trip the following day,also forgetting to inform another cousin of ours.Day2:Cruising down the East Coast road in a fast car, with miles davis playing..mazaa camed.The day involed interaction with snakes :D,ancient monuments and a freshly excavated monument, a chat with an Archeological Survey employee..hogging at hotel, more fun on EC road,collecting shells on an empty beach,having sucicidal tendency of trying to drive car on sand(we got stuck btw). just missed sqeezing in a show of bunty aur babli a few minutes earlier and....will give more updates when interesting things hapen

Monday, June 06, 2005

Doorbell: Ting Tong
Sleepy Me:yaaaaaawwwwwn,Kaun hai?
Man at door(MAD )(smirk): Saar I yam fraam !#$! (name of workplace).
Me: (Irritated at having Seista interrupted) Congratulations.To main kya karna?
MAD: Saar, saary to disturbed you saar hehe.We are hyaving this new praaduct saar.
Me(wakes up properly at words New and Product): what what?
MAD : saar this is special gyas saving device saar.
(proceeds to show me gizmo that looks like a pygmy race of our normal gas regulator)
Me: Arey yeh kya regulator ka bachcha hai.
MAD :No saar. yit ees gas saving device saar.
Me : arey yes woh sunliye yaron! how does it work?
MAD:Sar inside yit is having ya myagnyet?
Me: Kya cheez?
MAD :Myagnyet myagnyet (makes wierd motions with hands..that would get him arrested for public indecency if he tried that in a different context)
Me : ooooooooh magnet? (It dawns, at 3:30 PM)
MAD : ess saar.(now convinced I am dumb ,tries to go in for the kill)It yis having the magnet.When the gyas maalecules are to be passing through myagnyet the molecules numbers are increasing.
Me :(started applauding) Great! Who developed this? he will pakka get a Nobel for this.A miraculous device that increases the number of molecules...maaki.Quick! does it work on gold?
MAD : Hain?what?
Me: (with half a mind to give him a science lesson.)Hehe no thanks not interested.
MAD: Goes away thinking "what mad charachters I have to deal with"
Did I say mad ? I meant, of course-"Myad"

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Arey ive got severe bloggers block...this calls for an urgent consultation with Dr Dhingra .
Dr Dhingra calls for a large vodka and lime.After downing it says "aah that was nice..Now what was your problem again?"
Quack!..Ill dose myself with the vodka and lime.
Oh yeah there was a sequel to the preious Anus beauty parlour joke, was driving down same road with maternal parent when saw the same sign again...It almost caused me to run off the road laughing...of course when i explained this to the parent, she was not impressed.I wonder why. Well further down the road we came across a sign adertising a beauty parlour of the same name but with a different spelling! it was Anoo's.It caused the mater to remark"Hmph, must associate with someone with as filthy a mind as yours!".I thought to myself at this time. "That would be impossible"