Saturday, June 25, 2005

Net conked out for 10 days. makikirkiri.even I ran out of abuses to hurl at the internet chap.
(yes yes i even tried chipkali ke chut ke pasine)
Anyhow the last few days have been amazing fun. I am still gainfully unemployed, and loving it.
A lot of friends have come to town.The entire gang met up.members of which are now spread over four different continents, good coordination on their part ,getting here at the same time.
conversation drifted to reality shows,all the vagueo shows they get in various parts of the world.Hey! I dont even watch the vagueo shows we get here.Reality "TV" katte .As I've said before:If I want reality,I'll look out of the window.
now I am tired I shall go and catch some sleep.just came here to mark my attendance.

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