Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Were Australopithecines Homo phobic?

The other day, while I was standing in a queue at a railway ticket booking counter, I chanced upon this notice that proclaimed
"For change of sex, age etc contact Railway reservation office Secunderabad"

So thats how the railways are making money these days. If one wants a sex change operation, no need to book air tickets to Bangcock...err I meant Bangkok, all one needs to do is to get to your friendly neighbourhood reservation office, before you know it Bobs your uncle...or aunt as the case might be.
(This is where the smart aleck type reader points out "But one is having a sex change operation how does Bob's gender change?".Smart Alec. Shut up or I'll have you shot once I take over the world.)

What about change of age? Is the railways into botox and all that as well? I only knew that the seats in the general compartments are very hard on some part of the body that sounds like botox, I guess you live and learn.