Thursday, October 27, 2005

The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plains? Well I am in Chennai now and I wish the rain would catch a plane to Spain or even Burundi...The Airport is flooded , no trains are leaving or arriving in Chennai Central (psst unlike Hyderabad central one doesn't usually buy overpriced clothes and drink maybe.) looks like I'm stuck here for a few days....more on the kidnapping etc when I'm not on dial up.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

"Stand up and be counted" they said.
If I knelt down would I be knighted?

Arise Sir Australopithecus.

Aight! am off now. family is abducting me and taking me to various places...I shall be back in a few days.Till then, for entertainment read the CPI(ML) site.
Best entertainment possible.
Innit weird that CPI(ML) is protesting against the Government for failing to control violence.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

So there I was all nice and well dressed setting off to work. just as I passed the colony gate (1.3 km from home) the phone rings (what else will it do? sing bulla ki jaana and turn cartwheels? well those days are nto faar away i tell you. cell phones are getting smaller adn smaller ..some makers are giving free 400X microscope to spot the phone.with imersion oil also).But I digress. So the phone ring and on the other end was the boss telling me.".Oh good morning Australopithecus.How are you." Just as I was about to launch into a lenghty description of various aches and pains (both real and imagined) When the boss continues "Yeah .Austra, we dont really need you here today, take it easy .Enjoy yourself"....Whoa! this was like being back at school. when you reach teh gate and find that school is closed cause some leader snuffed it :D.I was jumping all the way back home...All that was missing was a Milton kool-keg water bottle.If I had that I would have swung it round and round and run home.....Remind me old am I ?

I like my office, they share their premisis with a publishing company..boletho full of books the place is. Last few days in the office were spent surreptitiously reading Tintin comics...I love it I tell you....

Friday, October 14, 2005

A one-celled creature found recently may be in the process of kidnapping and incorporating an even tinier plant to use as a living energy source.

One question.Did they find this organism in Bihar?

H B M..

We have decided on a the date (finally)
But the place is still undecided … we are open for polls
Tentative places for meet up:

Eat street (necklace road)
Coffee day (any fucking one- as of now)
Baristta (any fucking one- as of now)

Any other joint … provided a large number of noisy people are allowed to hang around with out spending little or no money.

As of now…

Any Blogger planning to be in the twin cities on the
29th of October 05
needs to watch this space …
for details on the next official

Ps: requesting old timers username password to and the rest to pass the word, the names and email ids of those who can be contacted for details will be posted later, but please feel free to copy paste this baby on your blogs

the more the merrier katte!!!

*HBM stands for hyderabad bloggers meet...Plizz naat to conphuse with HBO. No movies here.Don't expect Demi Moore either...and its More the merrier and not Moore the merrier :D

Friday, October 07, 2005

While aimlessly flipping channels,I chanced upon...(Fanfare .[Kya bole? Fanfare aur stardust nahin padhtin?] the best movie ever made....most brilliant.Kubric would have stood up and applauded.The particular scene that I had thegood fortune to watch involved the hero,apparently just arrived in some Videshi Mulk asks the locals "Kya yeh Canada hai?"Chutiiiiiiyaaaa.Where did you think you were? Lakdi ka pul?Can't see these gore log eh? what you thought? By mistake came into shooting of ad for fair and lovely? along with special industrial strenght hair bleach..Oh and when you were in the airport, im sure the "Welcome to CANADA" sign posts weren't too helpful. Maybe he misread them and though someone was offering a spoken Kannada course. How did he get through the Customs and Immigration? Arey when a hindi film's hero can survive being shot by all the bulllets in the Namibian army (23 nos only) why can't he forget escape immigration check.
Let us talk about the hero now.What amazing acting i tell you.He emotes like a piece of marble.Who ever cast him certainly lost his marbles.He probably even had to sell his undies to make up the money for making such a dud .By dud i refer to both the film and the hero.I think the movie was called Bekhudi. Starring Kajol and Kamal Sadhana.Dig this.I did a google search for Kamal Sadhana.and i came up with this blog as the 1st site on the list.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Airy-Fairy Tale

Long long ago.In a land far far away.Even further than Jhumritallaya. There lived and evil dwarf called Crumpledforeskin.He was the survivor of a circumcision accident.A jewish moyel had invented this new circumsicion machine prototype which drasticly malfunctioned,leading to CF's condition and by extension [get it ;)] his name.whic also explained his attitude toward life and peopl in general...I mean.He felt that he had been "shortchanged" if you catch my drift.And also he found it difficult to pick up girls.He was too short and they were too heavy.To exact revenge he used to sneak into circumsicion ceremonies and yell BOO! just as the deed was going to be done.As you can imagine,this often had tragic outcomes.
But Crumpledforeskin had a special gift.He could see dead people...oops wrong story.No he really did have a gift.his parents gave it to him,for his 12th birthday.It was a Mitsubishi Lancer.When CF was zooming around in his car, He couldnt see the road at all,Which made life more interesting, well if not life, then death at any rate, was now more interesting of course, when the people he crushed under his car went to heaven they felt superior to the lowly ones who had died ofcommon things like STD, Legionary's disease, and Shekhar Suman.For real enjoyment he used to scatter marbles before blind men and exchange the leash of their seeing eye dog to a rope tied to the rounte 45 bus.
He had one more special talent.He could fart on demand.This made him very popular with the renewable energy ministry as a source of biogas. They pleaded with him to help them solve theirenergy crisis, but CF being evil personified just farted in the energy ministers face.and ran away. well he tried to being about a foot and a half tall (just a little taller than Amir Khan).The Beautiful princess of the kingdom saw him and thought that he was a cockroach They hit him with a rubber chappal by mistake, thinking he was a roach (Periplaneta americana).That was the end of Solomon Grundy..err Crumpledforeskin

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Parson Alladin was arrested by excise officials, for transporting Gin without a permit.