Saturday, May 28, 2005

Today looking out of the bus as it was passing through Sainikpuri, I saw this sign that read ANUS...It was a beauty parlor or somthing, I didn't pay proper attention,I was distracted by the name .I was wondering what the world was coming to,I heard of people specialising in manicure and pedicure, but this is the limit...On closer examination (A thousand cheap jokes ran through my head as soon as I typed this) I found that it was ANU'S Beauty Parlor that was being advertised.From dooram I couldn't see the apostrophe.Phew! Things are not that bad...yet.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Inspired by NS, I will also write about Traffic, ever since i moved to this village.I have been doing a terrific amout of driving. around 40Km a day, (yes I know lots of people do that much and more everyday..but compared to driving 0 km on most days...)
I have come to the conclusion that most hyderabadi drivers consider the most important piece of equipment in their cars to be...(fanfare) The Horn.We are very "Horny",(insert comment from old Mr M.R.K.M.S.T.W.Raju :"what on the roads also?chichi)....what a louuuuuuuulllllllllly feeling to be greeting by a short businesslike PAARRrrrrrrrrrp or a more musical honk..In fact some people have horns that make sounds like a yeti being castrated (trust me, I've lived in the Himalayas)It sounds like a moan,shout,shriek and a whimper all mixed is the most startling sound you can hear, especialy late at night,when you are driving half asleep or dead drunk,that will wake you up.
Now when are these horns utilised ie under what conditions(it shows nah I studied chem bolke)
No not only at STP...They are an anythime anywhere sort of thing.
Some cases when horns are used
I'm feeling bored, let me honk
I'm feeling irritated, let me honk,
I see someone who looks like Chiranjeevi, let me honk.
Hey I see a person with a mustache (Have you any idea how many men adn women in this city have mustaches?)
I haveloosemotionsgetoutofmywayfast.honkkkkkkkkkkkk
lanjakoduku overtaking from right....honk(this is Hyderabad,we dont drive to the left or to the right..but in the middle)
Hot chick..honk honk
bastard hoooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkkk
my job sucks hoooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A: i just had a soy milk shake
A : chocolate flavoureed
A: i cant stand anyother flavour soya milk
A : or even the woken up vareity
Blogger formerly known as Neurotica(B) : woken up variety?
A : soya
A : zzzzzzzzzzzzz
B : shudnt that go to the blog?
A : no no enough self dabba
A : im having full bloggers block so what the heck...
A : if we dont do self dabba who willl maro dabba for us?
B : exactly

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Went to a restaurant the other day, it had the usual veg and non veg items on the menu, I was busy scaning the menu when suddenly ,I saw the item -Human Fried rice....
Shit...This is one place you must always pay your bill...otherwise, tum ich kal ka Human Fried Rice ban jaate...that must be because due to shifting of slaughterhouses away from the city Ghosht ka daam bad gaya.
on a similar note (C Minor)

Recipe for Achari Ghosht:
First take a bottle of Achar.
Now kill it.
Its ready.

Friday, May 20, 2005

"Are you a communist?"he asked, probably because at that time the long hair,beard and khadi kurta kind of hinted at that."No,I.Am an opportunist"
That was years ago, reminded me of a line from Mr&Mrs 55 (i think) "Kya tum Communist ho?" GD:"Nahin! Main Cartoonist hoon"
But coming back to the mater at hand...I see a whole lot of people like that, oppurtunistic..Aaj SFI elections ke baad ABVP mein or vice versa depending on who wins the election...
and everytime militantly propagating the views of the organistation they are currently easy is it to do a complete volte-face and propagate opposing views with the same intensity.In NC views were demonstrated in various ways, breaking window panes,and bones, throwing bricks, shouting "Principal down down" more effective would have been to shout "Principal, Up yours"

Thursday, May 19, 2005

If you get drunk in the French capital city.Are you plastered in Paris?

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

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A Short-toed eagle, Image from

Bird of prey (The Doors)

Bird of prey,
Bird of prey,
Flying high,
Flying high,
in the summer sky

Bird of prey,
Bird of prey,
Flying high,
Flying high,
Gently Passing By

Bird of prey,
Bird of prey,
Flying high,
Flying high,
Am I going To Die?
Bird of prey,
Bird of prey,
Flying high,
Flying high,
Take me on your Flight

Friday, May 13, 2005

Meri Desh ki Dharti.

Finally finished shifting houses, I now officially live in the back of beyond. first reach beyond phir second left,3rd right,phir seeeeeeeedha chale jao. stop just before you go to heck..what is heck you might ask, as a wise(ass) man once said "heck is where you go to if you dont believe in gosh".Actually my area is now becoming "full posh" the kallu compounds are giving way to permit room types.Hey but technology is fast catching up. I dont have a phone, i dont have TV, But Internet is here :D.
seriously, BSNL hasn't laid phone lines here ,(though i hear a few linesmen have laid....err never mind).Arey there are fields 100 odd yards from my house...On the good side, i can try and patao some gaon ki gori type. I have practiced specific pick up"Basanti, Tumhara naam kya hai ?" (of course in the flick it was Jai who said and not veeru).
On a Happier note. I finished writing what would hopefully be my last eggjam for a while ...lets wait till the results before I say anymore.