Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Communist indoctination centres : School for Socialist Sciences?

Can we not then call finishing schools (you know like they have in die Schweiz.which one must distinguish from die Schei├če) School for Social Studies?

Sunday, July 24, 2005

"Hetero' Sapien.

Friday, July 22, 2005

I shall write a book called Hairy Pothead and the Half-Wit Prince. It deals with the effectsof smoking marijuana.
Thats great innit? but what are these pink elephants doing here?

Have you heard the song "Oh!Gimme a home,where the buffaloes roam and the deer and antelope play"
Well I am almost there..Lots of buffaloes here, and the other day i saw an ant run err fly away with a dragonfly.

Driving near my place sucks big time...We have problems, if the monsoon is poor, now that it has been pouring cats, dogs and kangaroos.there is anotehr problem.the roads, have taken quite a beating. It is like the surface fo the moon here. I can apply to NASA for filling the position of driver..unfortunately they dont have too much use of 4 Irons, but a sand wedge would come in handy.

What is the difference between a bird and a fly?

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Internet is back in my life, and I'm back to my old blogging ways.So what have I been doing you ask?You din't? You don't care what I've been doing?Oho!So as punishment I'm going to tell you.MWHAHA. Thats even worse than frog jumps.Let us start now.Well I have been experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms.Crazy thoughts have come to me like "Why are all Chinese secrets ancient?What happened to the new ones?" Well this can be easily attributed to the big brother phenomenon.Where big brother with the one child norm you ask? One child norm? Is that the law whereby if you only have one child you must call him Norm? .
Why are these ancient Chinese secrets so well publicised? How are they secrets then? Are Koreans and Japanese better at keeping secrets?
Been reading Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. So What happens in it is....Thud.
[That was the sound of a lead lined cosh hitting the head of this blogger.The blogger's family thrreated him with drastic consequences if he were to leak his vital information.He didnot listen...]

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Stepping out of the house in bright sunshine, I was amazed to feel rain falling on my head.I was just about to make Burt Bacharach have a major stroke (you know, sing "raindrops keep falling on my head" and sing it "loudly and clearly" as our music master in school used to say.)
I looked up to investigate this miracle of nature, bright sunshine and still pouring rain (I have been thing of writing a book with this title :D).As I looked up I saw..Superman..no no it was just Mr C's kid zipping up his trousers, as I realised the rain also had stopped. I am no rocket scientist (they wouldn't let me near the Dept err of err Rocket Science or even Aeronautical Engg.) but even i could figure out that there was a connection.So I asked "Oh! hello Babloo.What have you been upto."
"watering your garden" he says.
my mind started racing (at odds 12:3 for the 3 o'clock race) I arrived at the answer cos^2theeta + sin^2theeta =1.That didnt help too much(you see im running XP), so I rebooted the brain (see one good kick is what it needs hence the term 'boot' and 'reboot').I finally arrived at the answer !!&^^%$ I need a shower. and no,not the Babloo kind.
Moral of the story "Being mistaken for a Sulabh complex is not good for one's self esteem,or even ones self Swift"

Saturday, July 02, 2005


Aah, I love the rain.Especially when I am nice and dry in my house.I have the same opinion of the cold, the heat, and if there is something I missed out I probably have the same opinion of that as well.
What I do not love is standing at a bus stop waiting for a bus when its pissing rain.Sudden downpour, as if some one pulled the flush lever on a toilet.It leaves the roads slushy, with drains flooding and sewage mixing freely with rain water (rain water and drain water become one.Reminds me of 'Mile sur mera tumhara"or even "Mile sewer mera tumhara" ).Suddenly a bus appears, and in the following riot that ensues, a least four people get pushed into the muck, those are the lucky ones.If you've ever travelled in a jam packed bus in the rain, you will know what I mean. the wonderful mixture of smells that waft your way are the least of your problems, the most annoying thing is the drops of water leaking from the roof that fall on the most uncomfortable of places..like a chinese water drip torture. one can almost imagine Fu-Manchu laughing and rubbing his hands together with relish (why not mayonnaise asks my mother.Now you can see Mendel had a point.).So,if you are one of those who says "I love the rains" you should probably take a trip in an overcrowded APSRTC bus,that should prove to be an interesting experience.