Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Stepping out of the house in bright sunshine, I was amazed to feel rain falling on my head.I was just about to make Burt Bacharach have a major stroke (you know, sing "raindrops keep falling on my head" and sing it "loudly and clearly" as our music master in school used to say.)
I looked up to investigate this miracle of nature, bright sunshine and still pouring rain (I have been thing of writing a book with this title :D).As I looked up I no it was just Mr C's kid zipping up his trousers, as I realised the rain also had stopped. I am no rocket scientist (they wouldn't let me near the Dept err of err Rocket Science or even Aeronautical Engg.) but even i could figure out that there was a connection.So I asked "Oh! hello Babloo.What have you been upto."
"watering your garden" he says.
my mind started racing (at odds 12:3 for the 3 o'clock race) I arrived at the answer cos^2theeta + sin^2theeta =1.That didnt help too much(you see im running XP), so I rebooted the brain (see one good kick is what it needs hence the term 'boot' and 'reboot').I finally arrived at the answer !!&^^%$ I need a shower. and no,not the Babloo kind.
Moral of the story "Being mistaken for a Sulabh complex is not good for one's self esteem,or even ones self Swift"

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