Thursday, December 18, 2008

Welcome to Grad School

Sleep, Social Life, Academics.

You can pick only two.

Monday, December 15, 2008

From the good folks at Deccan Chronicle.

‘Circling’ pig critical

Penugonda, Dec. 15: The white piglet that began circumambulating the dhwaja sthambham of the Venkateswara Swamy temple on Sunday, collapsed at about for 4.30 pm on Monday. Thousands of people had watched the piglet which circumambuled the pillar well into the second day at Sidhantham village in Penugonda mandal in the West Godavari.

The piglet had been continuously circling the dhwaja sthambham with occasional breaks, without accepting any food A veterinarian found that the animal had become weak and its pulse rate had fallen. As the piglet lay on the floor, devotees offered it dry grass, shifted it on to a gunny bag and covered it with a cloth.

Devotees, temple staff and a veterinary doctor are keeping an eye on the animal, whose condition is critical. Prominent vedic pandit Chirravuri Krishna Somayajulu said, "The piglet has taken up deeksha by observing fast in the presence of Venkateswara Swamy. On December 16, Dhanur Masam will begin and the doors of Vaikuntam will be opened." Devotees fear it may not survive that long.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

This week's trip down memory lane.

Comeon Chiru!
Who is the girl in the video? Does anyone know?

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Austrian way to travel Lauda Air.

Is Atul Wassan on the board of directors? 'Cause if you think about it, Lauda Air will have Atul Wassan

Does it fly to Lund?

It gives new meaning to the this phrase "Arey! Laude ka airlines hain woh"

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A: You shouldn't use hot water from the tap for cooking. There will be lots of metals in it, especially lead.
B: Oh but I boil it.
A: I said metals.
B: But I boil it no.
A: $#%$@#%
It has been brought to my attention that the chap who played Agent Smith in the Matrix series of movies (Matrices?) Hugo Weaving, played the role of Douglas Jardine on Bodyline.

Those of you who remember Bodyline being telecast on DD please stand up, the rest join the gang already kneeling outside the staff room for not knowing "Top of the Rock"

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I finally found this online!!

Monday, December 08, 2008

An interesting debate.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

So with very little to say, I shall resort to the old trick of entertaining people/myself with "Recent Keyword Activity"

Righto. Here we go.

First on the list, no surprise: Telangana porn. My question is: how do you know if said porn is authentic and from T. maybe it was shot just over the Adilabad border in Chattisgarh? or in Bidar, or worse still, god forbid, across the Khammam-East Godavari border,in shudder Andhra. Do the "participants" wear only Kohinoor brand condoms? You know...the pink connection, is that like the hologram on my licence.

Next.More porn. Someone came here looking for "australopithecus porn". I mean vintage porn is one thing, but this!! Youv'e seen our bare bones already, what are you looking for now? bare boners? How about bear boners if you swing that way.

What jobs did Australopithecuses have to do: Well if they were involved in the flourishing Australopithecus porn industry as is apparent from the search term above, they had to do blow jobs, hand jobs and odd jobs. Sometimes they sold mastodons to the Ramapithecus,. They being not so good at planing, storage and hunting, you know generally going around the place "Ram Bharose"(shouldn't that be Australopithecus bharose?). Of course we also had to answer the call of nature and do the big jobs and the small jobs.

Australopithecine Tsung boy: Wtf? We never Tsang. Whatever you thought was Tsung was a result of mind altering drugs the Chinese fed you in Vietnam.

Australopithecine dyke: Not here pliss, second door on right.Ask for "Butch" Cassidy.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Geoff Lawson apparently wants to spread cricket to new locations

To former Pakistan coach Geoff Lawson, cancelled tournaments, depressed economies and a fearful public equals only one thing: the terrorists win.

"And do it easily. The big picture is, if you continue to not go to these places to play sport - particularly cricket in central Asia - that's a total capitulation to terrorism," Lawson states.

The former Test star recently returned home from a two-year stint in charge of Pakistan, where he witnessed how foreign cricket teams abandoning tours led to not only upset fans but a downcast society in general.

Lawson fails Geography, now I know whom not to ask for directions.,22049,24735185-5017479,00.html

Monday, December 01, 2008

Why things will never change.

from the Deccan Chronicle. Tuesday 2nd December.

Legislators laugh insensitively

Hyderabad Dec. 1: Several members laughed, stood in groups and chatted when the Assembly was discussing the Mumbai terror attack and a motion condoling the death of civilians, police and Army personnel on Monday. Despite this, speaker after speaker expressed concern over the image of the politicians falling after the terror attack and seemed to wonder why it was so. The Chief Minister, Dr Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy, burst into laughter more than once, reacting to something that the panchayat raj minister, Mr J.C. Diwakar Reddy was saying. The Congress MLAs, Mr K. Venkata Reddy, Mr N. Diwakar Rao and whip Mr D. Sridhar Babu were engrossed in a discussion at the back benches.

On the Opposition side, the Telugu Desam legislators, Mr D. Narendra, Mr K. Achannaidu and Mr P. Keshav chatted gaily. Disregarding the solemnity of the occasion, several members went up to the Chief Minister with petitions and pleas, a common practice at other times. This was too much for Speaker, Mr K.R. Suresh Reddy, who told the members to leave the House if they were not participating in the debate. He had to remind the legislators that the House was working on a condolence motion.

“Please do not stand. Resume your seats,” the Speaker said. “Leave the House if you are not participating in the debate. We are on a condolence motion.” For the record, the House did fall silent after the Speaker’s admonishment, The usual chattering continued aftewards, however. During the debate on condolence motion on demise of former prime minister V.P. Singh, Mr Manikya Vara Prasad (Congress, Tadikonda) did not leave opportunity to shower praises on Dr Reddy.

Maintaining that he had a great liking for prime ministers Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and V.P. Singh the MLA went on to say twice — that the Chief Minister’s programmes reflected Indira Gandhi’s efforts to uplift the poor. The TD deputy floor leader, Mr Nagam Janardhan Reddy, gestured to the Speaker, wondering what was going on