Monday, June 21, 2010

Random Diatribe.

I am old enough to know now that sometimes, life hands you lemons and then as the old saying goes you can make lemonade – or dishwashing soap, you know, the ones that are made from real lemons (aah, so that’s what happened to the reels from Kambakkt Ishq.) – Whatever floats your boat? That is alright, one generally recovers from such situation and if you are financially inclined (or fiscally fit as they say to retell an old joke or flog a dead horse. Same thing, only different – you don’t have money riding on the old joke for the 4 o’clock race.)

Aside -What time do they audition for the porno films? 4 o’cock. Well the shooting wasn’t till shaft past 6 anyway so there is no need to go off half cocked. If you don’t want to go off half cocked, do not stick your revolver in your waistband. Holsters were invented for reasons other than Clint Eastwood films and Louis L’Amour books you know…we also had Sudden, J.T. Edson and Max Brand. Now do not confuse Holsters and Hollister’s. A holster is something you stick your gun in…you do not want to go anywhere near a Hollister’s especially if you, like me, have the body (or as they say in good old Hyderabad “personality”) of a beached whale.

Anyhow, coming back to life (if some one says Pink Floyd I will do to you what the MNS buggers would like to do to bhaiyyas in Mumbai)

Now I forgot what point I was trying to make with all the economics business, anyhow, back to lemons, Mojitos and all that.
So as the Poojya Pitaji (P.P henceforth or Col. Sahab) once said tough times build character, but…
I don’t want character. I want to be Prem Chopra or Shakti Kapoor, Aaoo.Lalitha. Aaoo.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

From the movie Saali Poori Gharwali

"Pager number?

ek saat teen teen chaudah.

I laughed.