Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Caste division in breweries also?

Hmm, but this beer did get me Iyer than other beers.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

a nose by anyother name, would smell just as well.

To celebrate this great victory, workers of the "victorious" party tried to put up a statue of their (almost late) great leader Sri Hungerstrikepalle Chandrafaker Rao.. The statue was life size and mad from precious metals all in anticipation of the "gains" they would have from the new state.

Unfortunately, the statue was to scale. and Hungerstrikepalle garu - well let us just say ,what the good Lord did not give him in good sense, decency and morals, he compensated in -snout-.What? Do I mean nose? err yes if you insist and threaten to unleash jobless MA in Pol.Sci students from OU on me....nose it is.

Chandrafaker Rao is so well endowed in the olfactory organ category that when he once went snorkeling and scuba diving in the Maldives he required none of the equipment they try to rent you all this air tanks and all that nonsense, He merely stuck his nose up in the air and was able to take deep breaths- from the ionosphere. This way he could also listen to his favorite radio programme on radio mirchi(idi chaala hot guru)- anywhere in the world, and in this case 20,000 leagues under as well. Please do not ask me if those Leagues were A division or B1 Division, I am currently out of touch with local cricketing scene in Hyderabad.

There are downsides of course to be blessed with such a proboscis. you see. The guys spraying the anti-mosquito fumes often mistook him for a mutant giant monster mosquito. They watched too many Japanese monster films for their own good. Taking our subject to be one of those from the Godzilla v/s Mothra stables they would turn the DDT on full blast and spray him with it. Definitely not good for the adenoids.
Also with great nose - comes great smelling power. One way to exact revenge on said subject is to feed the whole lot of those aforementioned OU students a lot of chole and lock them in the same tiny room with faker babu you know a sort of "reward" for their support to the cause. It would also help to turn off water to the hostels for a couple of days so that the students, who usually do not believe in good things like regular showers, would smell specially extra ripe, just for Faker garu.

Aah gentle reader I digress. so Faker's supporters were putting up statues of him. Ok, statues 1 nos wonly.

Due to this overabundant beak of faker garu, the statue kept tipping over and the nose drilling holes into the pavements with better efficiency than the GHMC workers (who at said time were off on chai break.)

So try as they might, they were not able to keep the statue erect. They tried everything, even ozomen and Silk Smitha videos, as they knew these things helped get erections. The Silk Smitha video did not work as another band of students confiscated and burnt said dvds as silk smitha was from Andhra. So said workers went off in search of Telangana porn and purely telangana "sex-workers" while our subject's statue stood in a pose like MJ from smooth criminal. MJ had the opposite problem with his nose, it kept falling off.

In other news, Discos banned in Hyderabad by the "party", due to a rumor was circulated that Disco Shanti was from Andhra. Night life now restricted to getting drunk on cheap booze and doing teen maar dance.