Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Chemistry can be pHun

Why did I want to do chemistry?

I can Blow stuff up.

Exposure to toxic and carcinogenic substances .FOR FREE!!!

Free 100% Ethanol.

I could do wierd things like blocking the sink and pouring HCL and conc Ammonia in it and singing loudly in the lab..SMOOOOOOKE ON THE WAAAAAAAAAATEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRR.

No need to waste money on deo. Anyway you will stink. might as well save cash.

Unleash smelly farts and blame it on the leaky Kipps apparatus.

An excuse for carrying matches .

Smoke all teh stuff one wants and if caught claim to be researching effects of Delta 9 THC on physiological systems.

I can dissolve the bodies of my enemies .leaving no trace MWHAHA.

Sunday, December 26, 2004


A:Arey! I wish I could go to the moon.
B:so do I you bastard.and not come back.

Question : Would Tendulkar be given out for handling the balls?

After a rocking weekend....back to the grind tomorrow.deep sigh......

Carry me, caravan.
Take me away.
Take me to Portugal.
Take me to Spain.
With fields full of grain,
I have to see you
Again and again.
Take me, Spanish caravan.
Yes, I know you can.
-Spanish Caravan (The Doors)
but bring me back by the next weekend you hear?eh?

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I'd rather be a Passer domesticus than a Helix aspersa (brown garden snail)...doesnt have the same ring to it no?

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Speaking of hairy men. its that time of the year innit. when the old "christmas thata" , you know ,old nick, comes sliding down chimneys...why does he always go down the chimney i wonder...maybe it 'soots' him?

aaaaah christmas..when everyone in 'the abroad' is so Santamental....errr i mean sentimental, mental anyways santa or senti..
well looks like im on a roll..no not a swiss roll...but one of cracking faaltu christmas jokes.
how bout a knock knock joke then eh?
Knock. Knock.
Who's there?
Hanna who?
Hanna partridge in a pear tree.

Another thing about Christmas bhai, it is defintitely not the season of giving.How do I figure that you ask, well gentle reader (ie you lousy layabouts with nothing better to do other than read the drivel i dish out.) See no one even wants to share their Christmas. What maaki giving and all that .. see every where you go you hear people saying Meri Christmas, Meri Christmas...what it is??eh?Can't even share the festival or what?
Australopithecus Baba's Pearls of Wisdom: Part 1

cut to hairy dude (moi) with a serene (stoned) expression on his face.with a beatific smile (see last bracket) ,position of palm is in traditional 'aashirwad' position.Finally he speaks :

There are stars in the.......skyyyyyy.
There are birds in the.......treeeeees.
There are snakes in the......grass...which is a very usefull thing if you get the munchies after you smoke up a bit.

Friday, December 17, 2004

sniff.sniff..cough. This is the last time I make fun of Chennai weather.I had a code in my dose, thankfully i'm back in town and the cold seems to have remained in Chennai.
So what all did i do in chennai. well i warmed the benches in a few kutcherys..in fact this has been recorded on one of the tamil channels, if you can see the telecast, you will see one hairy unevolved looking dude sleeping with his mouth open.....lesson learnt..don't mix antihistamines with carnatic music....the second concert was pretty good though.

What is the worst thing that could happen to you in chennai? no no its not being robbed blind by auto drivers thats a daily occurance, one must face these fellows with a particular type of attitude, eg: ok im being screwed over, but as they say, of it is inevitable...try to get into a comfortable postion...one doesnt need chaffed knees to add to a pain in the ass........dealing wioth auto drivers. i must take lessons from CS at some point in time.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

maaan. i know i have been studying too much when is started reading words with a little twist....
periodic: i read as per-iodic (as in per-iodic acid. no no its not the acid that forms every twenty minutes)
unionized: as un-ionized..
I think chemistry has left an indelible imprint in my head, (just like being struck on it by a lead filled cosh.

Btw: you know when you go to someones house in Scotland, they welcome you with a plate on which there is a small lamp and they marofy a few chukkers and go off...you know what they call it ? Mcarthy.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Yup NS we should write a book. maybe even make a movie, like the Hyderabad blue films...err i meant of course the Hyderabad Blues films...By Mr. Cocka...err Kukanoor.
Full Hyderabadi.
Suggest titles ?
Charminar ka Chichcha? (i'm going to do DD type subtitles)
(Uncle of Four Tower)....not to be confused with LOTR.
how does that sound?
what about the promo,.
From the makers of
"Bhaag Bhosadi, Toofan Aaya"
(Run cunt storm approaches)
coming soon to a Theater near you.
A lot of people in town have this habit of pronouncing words starting with a J as starting with a Z sound.
But I advice them, for god's sake don't pronounce Mr K.A.Jaleel 's name like that.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Ok few more movies on have to watch list., along with Jab Ghar mein ho saali,to puri saal diwali.we have Rajamhundry Rambha. and Vayasu pilistundi raa.
In the immortal words of Kurt Vonnegut Jr .."so it goes."
yes it does.
Tell me one thing though. Where do our universities find these people to set question papers ?
For my first exam. That dude but for a minor clerical error should, by all rights, be swinging from a tree in bloody Borneo...but wait, I do the Orangutans an injustice, they are much smarter than this dude who set the papers.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Hey! Its world AIDS day. It holds special significance this year, am being brutally sodomized by examinations.
After exams will relate to people full story.