Friday, December 17, 2004

sniff.sniff..cough. This is the last time I make fun of Chennai weather.I had a code in my dose, thankfully i'm back in town and the cold seems to have remained in Chennai.
So what all did i do in chennai. well i warmed the benches in a few fact this has been recorded on one of the tamil channels, if you can see the telecast, you will see one hairy unevolved looking dude sleeping with his mouth open.....lesson learnt..don't mix antihistamines with carnatic music....the second concert was pretty good though.

What is the worst thing that could happen to you in chennai? no no its not being robbed blind by auto drivers thats a daily occurance, one must face these fellows with a particular type of attitude, eg: ok im being screwed over, but as they say, of it is inevitable...try to get into a comfortable doesnt need chaffed knees to add to a pain in the ass........dealing wioth auto drivers. i must take lessons from CS at some point in time.

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