Wednesday, December 20, 2006

As I was getting my daily fix, of the internet. I came across this strange headline.
"Indian Athlete Fails Sex Test"

I ahd a huge rush of thoughts including
'Whoa! is sex a competetive event now?'
"How dumb does one have to be to fail a sex test"
"We have a population of over a billion, surely some of us must know SOMETHING about sex, Why doesn't the IOA send them"
"Ok, if (s)he is a guy running with a bunch of girls, (s)he still only won a silver medal. What does that speak about the state of Indian sports, even the guys get beaten by a bunch of girls"

Maybe (s)he came second because she wasn't too good at Hindi, see (s)he must have heard on the phone while trying to phone home (much like ET) "Aap Quatar main hain krupya pratiksha keejiye" ....need I say more. Struggling with Wait problems.

there was a little voice that said, "stop making fun of her/him unless you want Bobby Darling and Sylvie to do morcha in front of your house."
Let me then make fun of someone else.
The best reaction to all of this came not from the T.N Govt. (who have announced a gift of 15 lakhs to her,)
but from some highly intellignet chap who on yahoo answers asked
"Indian runner Santhi Soundarajan has failed a gender test. Could this be a cause of global warming?"

Poor old global warming, gets blamed for everything. Now whats next? Maybe thats why the cricket team lost the ODI series to South Africa, Global Warming.

Why didn't you submit your assigment? global warming

Why are you staring at that woman. Global warming...yeah she's so hot she must be increasing the temperature at least by a couple of degrees.
So the next time your girlfriend(s) catch(es) you staring at some hot chick, you know what to say. It won't work, but still...

Thursday, December 14, 2006

So Anton Balasingham is dead. He was the 'mane' spokesperson for the LTTE

Friday, December 01, 2006

How to lose friends and influence people in a bad way. By Bail Carnage.

I am going to write a book about the above, Why you ask? Well gentle reader its for the same reason the male member of the cannine species licks its own organs of reproduction. Because it can. No, I dont mean I can lick a dog's bollocks, nor do I ever want to. Get your mind out of the gutters for once and listen (err read). I have had vast experience of the events described in the heading. Some of them are given here for your reading err pleasure

Friend: You know Aus. When I first met you I thought you were nasty and superficial.
Me: Well, When I first met you I thought you had nice tits.
Me: What? You mean you don't? It was all a show?
Me: If it helps, I still think you do.
Me: You are wrong you know, I am nasty deep down also. Nothing superficial about my nastiness.

At a pub
Person: Excuse me, (pointing to my cigarette) would you mind putting it out.
Me : Oh sure.
Person: Hey! That was my glass you threw your sutta in.
Me: Well you did want it out.

Friend: How do I look
Me: Dude! Who picked your clothes? Imaam sahab from Sholay?
Friend: Bastard, My dad did re.
Me: I didn't know Stevie wonder was your dad.