Tuesday, January 29, 2008

...or in sports brodcasting,the way they are dumbing down the cricket commentary etc. it's ashes to asses.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Gand Jalna-- Asses to ashes?

Friday, January 11, 2008

Apologies. No post since the last year eh. I've been generally traveling , on work. That's fun. Work took me to Shimla. I was forced to travel for 72 hours and 2000 odd kilometers to attend a 10 hour conference. Where I slept for about 8 hours. So, more waste of taxpayers money, and this particular taxpayers time...but Shimla was nice. Unfortunately all the daru dukans were closed during my stay ,elections and all.

Through the trip I was assigned the task of babysitting two female colleagues. One aged 30 odd (a PhD in some life sciences thingumjig) and the other 25 (a statistician) both older than I am. This was an ordeal it had its moments of hilarity and insanity and sometimes both rolled into one.For example.

At India Gate:
Getting out from an Auto, we see it in the distance, as we approach it PhD gets jittery
Babysitter: Arey kya hua?
PhD: No no, we should not go so close.
B : Hain!! kaiku? After dragging me all the way.?
PhD: "I'm scared".
B : "What of?"
PhD: "Suppose we go by mistake to the other side?"
B: (mystified..What is wrong with the other side) ...but still says. "Chalo chalo kuch nahin hota.! Main hoon naa."

All approach closer.

Phd: "Arey! Where are the Pakistanis?"
B: (forgive me I was a little slow so I was still mystified) "Pakistanis....In Pakistan where else..in places like Rawalpindi and Lahore."
Stats: "Lahore is in Pakistan aa?"
B: Splutter choke.
( Aah! but wait just a moment..)
Phd: "Where are the Pakistanis here?"
(Then it dawned on me...she thought it was Wagah!!!)
B: (Don't know if I should be laughing or crying)..with ill disguised tremors in my voice I ask. "Did you think that there was a border with Pakistan here?"
PhD: "Of course there is. Didn't you know?" ###
B: My mistake..Then I guess that building over there is where Gen. Musharraf stays.All the time i thought it was Pratibha ji (a.k.a the ghost whisperer), and it was the Pakistani army whose might is on display down that road every 26th of Jan....Pointing to some poor Gurkha rifles jawans who were hanging out there ".Look our Chinese brothers have also come to pay us a visit."

### The story is true upto this point. The last few lines was what was going through my mind at that point of time.