Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Is an excellent confidence trickster a super duper?

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Thank you for the memories.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Keep the flag flying.

"So why do you Tams wear your lungis like that" she asked. Shaken from semi slumber (which I can fall into anyplace anytime, especially if you mention words like normal mode analysis), I very intelligently remark "Huh?". She repeats the question. and I launch into it as Sidhu used to launch into a well flighted delivery. Speaking of launch is that what bongs do at the Taj Bengal?
"Firstly its not a lungi its a Veshti"
" Same thing only, why but?" she asks
"Its like a flag flying at half mast. We do it to mourn the death of Tamil culture due to invasion of this alleged culture from the north. The north being anywhere above Sriharikota (speaking of launches yet again)."
But I digress we fly our flags..err our Veshtis at half mast and like Dougal McDougal we use our noses to play Abide with me. "
"Isn't that also an invasion of culture?" she very astutely points out.
"Well, ahem, yes, but some of us love the British (aka "the britishers aka verry decent fellows saar, not like these Americans scoundrels saar, all wearing only nicker and roaming here and there saar.). Also it allows the light sea breeze to cool the fundamentals. In the hot humid summer, there is nothing like a breeze cooling your future generations. After all isn't it a parents duty to ensure comfort of their young, both current and future? "

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Jai Telangana
This is hilarious.The pink is for obvious reasons. :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Guests.(aka The good, the bad and the Agli baar kabhi nahin)

There are various types of guests as mentioned above. Some guests are nice well behaved, and when they come to stay they don't use too much water and even help thats great. People who fall into that category are always a pleasure to have. These are usually people you know quite well so its fun also.

There are those guests who are horribly inconsiderate. Wake up late, inconsiderately ask for coffee and chai at odd hours..basically behave the same way I do. But then they make up for it all by treating one to dinner somewhere lots of sins are forgiven on a near bursting stomach.

Then there are those who crib. these second rates sons of sword swallowers behave as if we've put them into Gulag 3. Ooh why don't you have just ran out I only showered for half an hour! The food is too bland...later now it's too spicy. Behaving like prize pricks. (Prize pricks..I didn't know there were such competitions. I just hope they don't actually PIN the blue ribbon on the victorious member)
They are welcome to write about their experiences in the realm of the Australopithecus, giving Alexander Solzhenitsyn competition(after wining the prize pricks and dickhead awards,,they fancy themselves) Luckily we've had only one such person forcibly thrust on us.

Now there are some guests who are horribly nosy...always sticking thier noses into business that doesn't concern them..e.g "who was that girl who called for you?" "why do your parents allow you to go out so late at night.?" ."what is this green stuff I found in your cupboard" . Behenchod! none of your friggin' business....These are not guests. These are the Guestapo. They have "Vays to mek me Tok" alright..but when I talk( or tok in German subtitles) its definitely not PG rated.

Guests may be good bad or nasty..they are always interesting.

Monday, April 02, 2007

M: we have and old comp
3-4 years old maybe
i need new
256 ram
and i'm expected to do high level graphics...
me: aapka computer RAM bharose chalra [tongue]
M: : :|
me: ooh i got to blog that..[tongue]