Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Chemistry can be pHun

Why did I want to do chemistry?

I can Blow stuff up.

Exposure to toxic and carcinogenic substances .FOR FREE!!!

Free 100% Ethanol.

I could do wierd things like blocking the sink and pouring HCL and conc Ammonia in it and singing loudly in the lab..SMOOOOOOKE ON THE WAAAAAAAAAATEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRR.

No need to waste money on deo. Anyway you will stink. might as well save cash.

Unleash smelly farts and blame it on the leaky Kipps apparatus.

An excuse for carrying matches .

Smoke all teh stuff one wants and if caught claim to be researching effects of Delta 9 THC on physiological systems.

I can dissolve the bodies of my enemies .leaving no trace MWHAHA.

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