Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Internet is back in my life, and I'm back to my old blogging ways.So what have I been doing you ask?You din't? You don't care what I've been doing?Oho!So as punishment I'm going to tell you.MWHAHA. Thats even worse than frog jumps.Let us start now.Well I have been experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms.Crazy thoughts have come to me like "Why are all Chinese secrets ancient?What happened to the new ones?" Well this can be easily attributed to the big brother phenomenon.Where big brother with the one child norm you ask? One child norm? Is that the law whereby if you only have one child you must call him Norm? .
Why are these ancient Chinese secrets so well publicised? How are they secrets then? Are Koreans and Japanese better at keeping secrets?
Been reading Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. So What happens in it is....Thud.
[That was the sound of a lead lined cosh hitting the head of this blogger.The blogger's family thrreated him with drastic consequences if he were to leak his vital information.He didnot listen...]

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