Friday, May 20, 2005

"Are you a communist?"he asked, probably because at that time the long hair,beard and khadi kurta kind of hinted at that."No,I.Am an opportunist"
That was years ago, reminded me of a line from Mr&Mrs 55 (i think) "Kya tum Communist ho?" GD:"Nahin! Main Cartoonist hoon"
But coming back to the mater at hand...I see a whole lot of people like that, oppurtunistic..Aaj SFI elections ke baad ABVP mein or vice versa depending on who wins the election...
and everytime militantly propagating the views of the organistation they are currently easy is it to do a complete volte-face and propagate opposing views with the same intensity.In NC views were demonstrated in various ways, breaking window panes,and bones, throwing bricks, shouting "Principal down down" more effective would have been to shout "Principal, Up yours"

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