Friday, May 13, 2005

Meri Desh ki Dharti.

Finally finished shifting houses, I now officially live in the back of beyond. first reach beyond phir second left,3rd right,phir seeeeeeeedha chale jao. stop just before you go to heck..what is heck you might ask, as a wise(ass) man once said "heck is where you go to if you dont believe in gosh".Actually my area is now becoming "full posh" the kallu compounds are giving way to permit room types.Hey but technology is fast catching up. I dont have a phone, i dont have TV, But Internet is here :D.
seriously, BSNL hasn't laid phone lines here ,(though i hear a few linesmen have laid....err never mind).Arey there are fields 100 odd yards from my house...On the good side, i can try and patao some gaon ki gori type. I have practiced specific pick up"Basanti, Tumhara naam kya hai ?" (of course in the flick it was Jai who said and not veeru).
On a Happier note. I finished writing what would hopefully be my last eggjam for a while ...lets wait till the results before I say anymore.

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