Friday, October 14, 2005

H B M..

We have decided on a the date (finally)
But the place is still undecided … we are open for polls
Tentative places for meet up:

Eat street (necklace road)
Coffee day (any fucking one- as of now)
Baristta (any fucking one- as of now)

Any other joint … provided a large number of noisy people are allowed to hang around with out spending little or no money.

As of now…

Any Blogger planning to be in the twin cities on the
29th of October 05
needs to watch this space …
for details on the next official

Ps: requesting old timers username password to and the rest to pass the word, the names and email ids of those who can be contacted for details will be posted later, but please feel free to copy paste this baby on your blogs

the more the merrier katte!!!

*HBM stands for hyderabad bloggers meet...Plizz naat to conphuse with HBO. No movies here.Don't expect Demi Moore either...and its More the merrier and not Moore the merrier :D


Anonymous said...
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Arcane Crapper said...

HBM without me??? :-( :-(