Monday, June 06, 2005

Doorbell: Ting Tong
Sleepy Me:yaaaaaawwwwwn,Kaun hai?
Man at door(MAD )(smirk): Saar I yam fraam !#$! (name of workplace).
Me: (Irritated at having Seista interrupted) Congratulations.To main kya karna?
MAD: Saar, saary to disturbed you saar hehe.We are hyaving this new praaduct saar.
Me(wakes up properly at words New and Product): what what?
MAD : saar this is special gyas saving device saar.
(proceeds to show me gizmo that looks like a pygmy race of our normal gas regulator)
Me: Arey yeh kya regulator ka bachcha hai.
MAD :No saar. yit ees gas saving device saar.
Me : arey yes woh sunliye yaron! how does it work?
MAD:Sar inside yit is having ya myagnyet?
Me: Kya cheez?
MAD :Myagnyet myagnyet (makes wierd motions with hands..that would get him arrested for public indecency if he tried that in a different context)
Me : ooooooooh magnet? (It dawns, at 3:30 PM)
MAD : ess saar.(now convinced I am dumb ,tries to go in for the kill)It yis having the magnet.When the gyas maalecules are to be passing through myagnyet the molecules numbers are increasing.
Me :(started applauding) Great! Who developed this? he will pakka get a Nobel for this.A miraculous device that increases the number of molecules...maaki.Quick! does it work on gold?
MAD : Hain?what?
Me: (with half a mind to give him a science lesson.)Hehe no thanks not interested.
MAD: Goes away thinking "what mad charachters I have to deal with"
Did I say mad ? I meant, of course-"Myad"

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