Saturday, June 04, 2005

Arey ive got severe bloggers block...this calls for an urgent consultation with Dr Dhingra .
Dr Dhingra calls for a large vodka and lime.After downing it says "aah that was nice..Now what was your problem again?"
Quack!..Ill dose myself with the vodka and lime.
Oh yeah there was a sequel to the preious Anus beauty parlour joke, was driving down same road with maternal parent when saw the same sign again...It almost caused me to run off the road laughing...of course when i explained this to the parent, she was not impressed.I wonder why. Well further down the road we came across a sign adertising a beauty parlour of the same name but with a different spelling! it was Anoo's.It caused the mater to remark"Hmph, must associate with someone with as filthy a mind as yours!".I thought to myself at this time. "That would be impossible"

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