Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Chennai Chronicless:part one

Almost two full days here.Right from the frying pan into the pressure then what did I expect?
Full action filled two days it has been.On Day1 ate lunch cooked by grandmom, mmmm .followed by hogging at hotel and later at aunts house,a trip to the beach(no no not Marina) and at long last i watched....hold your breath....(fanfare)Chandramukhiall I have to say about the film is...lakalakalakalakalakalaka....Repeatey!Only to be seen if you are a true Rajni fan..but if you were a rajni fan,you would have seen it 23 times already..exactly Repeatey!.This is one movie you have to leave your brain at home.since one of those aforementioned items(ie"brain")was not issued to me due to a minor clerical error.I enjoyed the film thoroughly.The movie affected us so much that we suddenly decided to go on a road trip the following day,also forgetting to inform another cousin of ours.Day2:Cruising down the East Coast road in a fast car, with miles davis playing..mazaa camed.The day involed interaction with snakes :D,ancient monuments and a freshly excavated monument, a chat with an Archeological Survey employee..hogging at hotel, more fun on EC road,collecting shells on an empty beach,having sucicidal tendency of trying to drive car on sand(we got stuck btw). just missed sqeezing in a show of bunty aur babli a few minutes earlier and....will give more updates when interesting things hapen

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