Thursday, August 28, 2003

one thing puzzled me today ,well many things did specially weird pali and prakhrit words like"chemical shift" and "tetra methyl silane" but thats irrelevant.back to the point. the point come these student union people became full considerate and all. they said there is an agitation and toldo get back to classes in the afternoon.
so we did. strange. the problem is with the oversincere ppl in my classs(the same ones that asked us to mass bunk few days) why thse dudes get these sudden pangs of guilt/sincerity GOK. usually its fleeting. but I'd appreciate it if they didnt waste my time for 2 hrs before telling me that no one will be attending the practicals. what a waste of time sitting in teh library studying when i can be doing so many things to improve my self. like eating and sleeping

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