Friday, November 11, 2005

Arey! Why does life persist in trying to teach me lessons which I have no desire to learn.


Lord of all Things said...

arey arey .. wat happened??no.37m goes to madinapallii aa? instead of mehboob nagar?

IdeaSmith said... the last few one/two-liners.

Lord of all Things said...

arey austra... i just got one pj in head thought i wil dump in its dumping ground..
"Im so dumb..that sometimes i cant even speak to myself."

Im improving a lot in pj categry.. with inspiration and guidance from u i can achieve great heights and coem out with flying colours.

Arcane Crapper said...

Who is life? Your new neighbour aa?

I said...

@AC: something like that..

@LOAT: hehe

@IdeaSmith: Thanks.:)

mediumlatte said...

Better learn the lessons boy.
Better learnt than ignored.

I said...

@medium latte: whatever you say. :D