Monday, December 12, 2005

No no I haven't shed this mortal coil yet. Have been pretending to be extremely busy...pretending to be busy is much harder than actually being busy.So those of you who thought that they had finally gotten rid of me..send the cake back to the bakers..or on second thoughts mere ghar ku parcel marke bhejo.(Lekin mera ghar bahut bada hai.usko parcel karke bheje office wale kitna paise lete ki.)


Lord of all Things said...

abba!!! sooper peejay !!...and u want me to come up 2 ur standards .. tell me is it possible??:P
hehe -wrd verification-giraafi

Anonymous said...

boleto you're not working also ah?
time pass vonly our lives seem to be.

Finch, Scout said...


super it was :-P
boletho, vela you are?

soopar. same here.
college to namesake de.

Australopithecus said...

@LOAT : thanks.. and why not.

@sita : time pass is good for the soul.

@finch: for 3 years college was namesake only..we used to be very regular to college but not to classes