Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Baigan bhi nahin Part 1

Light leo light leo bolke logaan Pukaarrein katte.
bulbaan ich nahin hain boletho Light kahan se lena katte?


Adi said...


hyderabadi lingo rocks ;-)

Coolest said...

Elcum bake! Teri nai to kamskam blog ki to bathi jali na?

Kele Panchu said...

bulbaan matlab??? bulb?

Anyway, good to seee u back! Who's hacking u anyway? After all you're not a hack writer. :)

Arcane Crapper said...


A Cynic in Wonderland said...

dimaag ki batti se?

me wonly. said...

@adi: hehe,doesnt it.

@coolest.Thank you ji.hau.luckily blog ki batti ich jali.

@kele panchu: hehe, bulbaan = bulbs.

@AC: thanks!

@Cynic: good point.but dimaag has not been the question remains

Lord of all Things said...

aahh!!our anthem it became!!btw meetings on 9th! commingaa??
will call thoh!

gowri said...

arey baap, kya mast shairi likha!itna illumination ke kaaran mai to blind ho gayi

Anonymous said...

one more round, please, so
i'll have an excuse later
when i hit on you

when my blog comes along, it will have comments and posts haiku form.
no other types allowed.