Saturday, April 22, 2006

Dr Snakelove: Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the Paamb.

I live in the outskirts of town, beyond a little village where they still grow paddy and toddy trappers are hard at work every morning not 100 yards away from home. Now! In such bucolic surrounding you would expect the odd representative wildlife to make an appearance every now and again. Oh yes sir they do and more than aaaltu faaltu guest appearance, they apppear in starring roles. Our non-legged friends have been overly active this year. This real life event which I am going to describe right now is a shining example of how excercise will get you killed. So this evening I set out for my irregular evening stroll. One can hardly go out for a morning stroll in the evening. The gentle reader will note that I said stroll, and not run, jog, power walk or even just plain walk. Righto! so i was setting off on my stoll and after about an hour and a half or so loafing in the fields doing more birding than walking, I decided to check out the new park they have built in the colony. Right. So there I was on the cement path, when I came to rest near a peice of rope. But wait. Suddenly the peice of rope moved. It didn't take a Phd in Quantum Electrodynamics to figure out that something was not quite right in the state of Denmark. So I put two and two together and got a headache due to shortcircuit in my single neuron, so I decided to take a closer look. While doing so I realised a few things.
1) The rope was in fact a real live snake.
2) The snake bore an uncanny resemblence to the species that goes by the name of Common Krait. This Krait also has a label saying Handle with care and no it doesn't contain a flat screen TV inside.
3) That damned snake was an inch from my foot.
Cowardice being the better part of valour and having an overpowering urgue (for some silly reason) to remain in possession of this current mortal coil. I hoofed it. Fast.


Arcane Crapper said...


no said...

thus endeth the stroll erm stoll.
poor you :P

Altoo Faltoo said...

Aaa? Dinna take photo aa?

Non-Sensei said...

whatta title boss...*applauds*
well written, too. :-D
hau yaaron, birding pe logaan ku haath diye to aisich hota...

me wonly said...

@NS: thanks..arey what to do..full overload of work happend.

@altoo faalto: arey where i have camera..and it was dark also.

@tharunya: hehe.

@AC : Bows.

swathi said...

arey!!! better luck next time!! will be back on may 1st mostly will call u sometime later!!;)

A Cynic in Wonderland said...

moral of the story: exercise is injurious to health