Monday, June 26, 2006

After hectic day yesterday , of enjoying myself, I slept for 12 hours. The longest I've ever slept in recent history.
When I woke up I was totally disoriented. I groggily looked at the paper there i saw Baba(and you though Himesh Reshammiya was a talentless idiot?) Sehgal's ugly mug staring back at me! I dropped the paper like a hot potato (take one out of the oven with your bare hands then you will know). I then went and switched on the TV. What do I see? Well it is the grinning face of Cheema Okerie (remember him India's best and Nigeria's worst?). You can well imagine the effects of such unfortunate event on a person who has just woken up. I hurriedly (for a man in my condition) checked the papers to see which year it was...I desperatly hoped that I hadn't done a reverse Rip Van Winkle.....or an Elkniw Nav Pir. (no not some holy man)..The date on the newspaper informed that I hadn't slipped back into time (or IMS). What was scary are all these chaps crawling out of the woodwork suddenly...Would this inspire Kishen Kumar to make a comeback? Will Baba Sehgal and "Stylebhai" start raping our happiness again...err i meant Rapping....Will Piyush Soni jump out of the nearest doorway and sing the lovely and soulful Chokra..Will channel V release yet another "ultimate dance collection"? For more information...stay the 12431232322332 news channels....and kabhi fursat mile to yahn bhi aana.

PS: the sibling informs me Beckham scored a goal....we have gone back into the past!!!


Anonymous said...

Heh. What's wrong with the Ultimate Dance Collection? I bought the first two volumes! :P

By the way, I might be in Hyderabad between July 3 and 9. Hope to meet you. What's your number? Mine is 98330 86018.

-- The Blogger Formerly Known As Neuro.

main ich said...

So did i. I will email you my number.