Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Crib warning.

Two things.

Fistly, this John Wright business.It clearly shows, what kind of people run Indian cricket. I haven't read the book yet but from what has been reported in the media I don't think he is saying anything we didn't already know. The selction system is flawed. Of course it is, I don't think there is one Cricket columnist alive in in India who hasn't already said so. Now when this so called "firang" says the same thing, some of the very same selectors in a very grown up and mature manner him names...big posh words like mercenary and what not just stopped short of calling him a pimp...wait..thats these guys(hey! I never said I was mature )...All they are doing is giving free publicity to this book. We do a lot of these things in our country, get excited without verifying the facts. Be it Satanic Verses or Vinci da code. This seems to be an inherent trait in us..this shoot first and don't bother about questions (more so with answers)

Secondly. This pesticide in the soft drinks. What people must realise is that Coke and Pepsi are not deliberately putting pesticide inside their product, there is no masked spy v/s spy type charachter chuckling to himself as he pours parathion into a vat of soft drinks. The pesticides come from the water. What we should get excited about is water quality, overspraying of pesticides, educating farmers...but nooooooooooooooo we won't do that, that is the responsible thing to do, we hardly ever do that. We shal just have rasta rokos and dharnas outside soft drink companies and shout slogans about globalisation, rope in the left, make lots of noise. no action...sigh.


IdeaSmith said...

I don't think so. We pay good money for those damn carbonated sugar drinks...they jolly well find a way to plough that money into making it less poisonous.

main ich said...

@ideasmithy: yes we do pay good money and all, at least some ppl do....i am not saying that it is correct for soft drinks to have 24 times the permisible levels of pesticides...they should find ways of removing that..all i am saying is that the larger issues are being ignored...there are pesticides in everything, milk, drinking water etc, If the health concious want to switch to narial paani thats allegedly got pesticides too. many of these pesticides are carcinogenic, many banned in other countries. we need to adress these issues which are more important. such as the overspraying of pesticides..we need to educate the farmer poor chap, the pesticide/fertilizeer run offs from fields drastically effect eco systems , causing eutrophication and stuff...
PS i've started mixing soft drinks in my alcohol migth as well kill myself properly while i am at it.

Sita said...

see, about the soft drink companies, they're not completely innocent. yeah, they're only being MNCs and using up whatever resources they find, depleting what ever water tables they find (you get the general drift), but they ARE damaging ecosystems everywhere and you're the last person on earth on i should be talking about this to.
the fact is, they're being dharna-ed and rasta roko-ed for the wrong reasons!

rant over. move on.

Anonymous said...

see...the point i would like to point out is...most of these botteling plants...esp ones owned by cocke are plants that used to manufacture some of our fav drinks before these mncs came down...goldspot thums up etc etc plants were the ones coke bought and established their bottelin when we were blissfully drinkin up all the pestiside we could all these yrs...why the fuss now...

main ich said...

@anon: thats right blissfully unaware. now that we are aware, we have a problem, thats why tehy say ignorance is bliss.

Anonymous said...

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