Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ay dharti ke chaand sitaron.
Ay dharti ke chaand sitaron
Makeodon, patharaan nakko maaro.
- Anon.

Sorry for the prolonged absence. Wait a moment who am I talking to, even I no longer read this little cloud of dust in cyberspace. I had better watch out, I hear the great celestial vaccum cleaner is on the prowl. He sucks big time.
There is so much dust on this blog that a neem tree has taken root, maybe I could wait a while, let this sapling grow into a tree and give this blog an 'ethnic' feel, call it The Neem tree, and sell exhorbitantly prices 'ethnic' and 'fusion' wear.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back. :P

The Priestess said...

i do! and subscribe to the feed too..

ganty said...

with these kinda posts u wud soon get visits from Onyx vans

Anonymous said...

@AC: Thanksu.

main said...

@ the priestess: wow? seriously...please consult a shrink immediately..:P
but thanks :)

Anonymous said...

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