Thursday, March 15, 2007

"No Cummins, no goings"

So I state again, I have very little to do. I occupy my time watching vague stuff on TV. Last night/this morning I spent my time watching the exhilarating Kenya v/s Canada match. One comment. Anderson Cleophas Cummins. (Cleophas..snigger snigger). Cummins earler played for the West Indies in the early 90s. Was it just my imagination or was the 40 year old Cummins (41 this May) bowling faster than what 22 year old Irfan Pathan is sending down these days.
What amazing fitness I say! To be playing sports at the international level at his age. At this ripe old age of 20 odd I find it difficult to get off the sofa and look for the remote control. This laziness is also one of the reasons I actually watched the game in the first place. It is also responsible for my watching such lovely teleshopping commercials like super slicer and slim sauna belt (the 'babe' in it has nothing to do with it I assure you).
Some might remember Cummins from his role in the Barbados match v/s South Africa. The enthu lot among you who actually bothered to visit the link might remark..Hey! he is not even listed in the scorecard. That is true. When Cummins , a native of Barbados, was left out of the team, the public decided no they didn't burn effigies of Greg Chappel, regional news channel didn't exisit solely because of this event. They didn't even burn down Kensington Oval. They merely boycotted the match. They held aloft a banner proclaming "No Cummings, No Goings" which i thought was hilarious at the time.
When you are most famous for a game you didn't play...


Danny Dangerously said...

what bout cool runnings??

A Cynic in Wonderland said...

have u caught the bermuda captain ( ithink) ..i found him fascinating ...used to waddle around!

How u been?

A Cynic in Wonderland said...

Ok i typed a longgggg comment and only half of it got posted ..bah!