Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Hyderabad Blues

This Blog will soon be coming to you from a different country! It feels strange. In a few days, I'll be uprooting self, and moving to the Umrika. So those of you on the east coast, with masochistic tendencies- do get in touch.at aforaustralopithecus(at)gmail(dot)com

Many Hyderabadi things will be missed such as


Late nights at C and F's

Good Biryani

Chatting away in NC till its late in the evening and the buses are so damned crowded you need to wait for an hour to get an emptyish one, all the time yakking away at the bustop over the amazing adrak chai at the bandi

Old Monk and Thums Up


The original Charminar

Sitting around in Irani cafes for hours on end..and ordering one single chai and Osmania biskoot and smoking innumerable bada Gold Flakes. Saying things like Afzal bhai teen chote samose 2 Lukhmee 4 single chai aur sabko Osmania biskoot.

The random loafings around K's house in Secunderabad with R and M the insane times we had rolling with laughter in those dirty gallis . Like the time we were discussing sidey film titles such as Rajamhundry Rambha and Vayasu Pilustundi Raa, these three girls thought we were eve teasers. It was fun. Almost got into serious trouble, but just managed to realize in time and run away before their baap bhai log came to beat us up

Driving around aimlessly in the Cantt.

The odd combination of the smell of stale beedi smoke, unwashed bodies, malle poovulu and toddy. Thats the smell of the bus that took me home.

The fact that you could walk into a restaurant at 1630 hours and have lunch!

The smell of mirchi bajjis frying on rainy monsoon days.

The time space distortion that you have here. When you ask anyone for directions, they will invariably say, (no mater where you are and where you want to go), seedha chale jao.
WRT time we should look at the terms Parson. and abichaatoon. When a Hyderabadi says parson he doesn't mean the day before yesterday, he or she means any date from yesterday to the time when Mehboob Pasha became the Nizam. When a Hyderabadi says abich aatoon and goes away the probability of not seeing him again is very high.

This list is endless. I shall keep adding. You had better keep reading


foolmaker said...

abich aatoon bolke nikal gaye? kya miyaan! tum bhi na... seedheich chale jaare!


udi said...

ayyo... we will keep hyderabad alive virtually. shall take a moment for you everytime one sips irani chai outta filthy cups or pass tank bund when in vicinity. fikar nako karoji!

Shweta said...

Hey Baap, tum kuch PHD pass firangionko leke aao, main Charminar ke pichoo Nizam costume pehan ke kadhe rahtoon. You may not be able to produce Pakistanis at India Gate, but we can put together a damn good Hyderabadi show for your first wapsi.
Boohoo Auzman, I am already talking of your homecoming. I do believe I am beginning to miss you already.

Sheetal said...

Kya re, this is as bad as Chitti aayi hai. I was saying to someone yesterday, 'ye Hyderabad ke bachche, do kadam shehar ke bahar rakhe to rote,' bolke.
Yenyway, it cannot be helped - the world is out there, and there are some okayish places katte. Better go off and come off before we're reduced to horse carts and cycles.

ganty said...

We leave a part of ourselves behind and take a part of the place people and memories with us.

sigh...one place that I thought will not get a senti line from me...
time...i guess
welcome back soon...

Cynic in Wonderland said...

worry not, you can have misadventures with gora gaurs in amrika no?

Adi said...

tum umrika mein kidhar ko aare miyan?

Anonymous said...

Manchi list idi saar... :)
Any Hyderabadi will miss this place terribly when they go out!!

My list comprises of the Calcutta Pani puris near AmeerPet FoodWorld or Sindhi Colony, Melting Moments, Punjagutta egg sandwiches and the likes... :)

Chimera said...

spoken like a true Hyderabadi.'When you ask anyone for directions, they will invariably say, (no mater where you are and where you want to go), seedha chale jao' - nodding my head vigorously in agreement.