Thursday, June 25, 2009

You know I'm Bad.

Micheal Jackson died today. I was a great fan when I was a kid, I remember the first tape I ever bought: Well the non Preeti Sagar nursery rhyme kind at least. I wanted to buy MJ's Bad, but my dad who took me to Music Palace on S.D Road (they sold music then) bribed me (by promising to buy me a new "Noddy" book at Book Land [ used to be under Hari Hara Kala Bhavan]) to buy Simon and Garfunkel instead. Knowing which side of my bread was buttered on, I picked S&G (S&G is a whole different post), but I couldn't quite forget BAD so the next time some event came along, I asked for it, Unfortunately, the chaps at the shop had run out of bad (so they didn't have any david hasselhoff tapes either), but sold me a tape that had the best of MJ in it. By this I do not mean the "best" of mj "in it", but you know and I was happy.
When the next album, Dangerous came out,I was thrilled, I went all over Chennai to find it. Some of the videos in this album had basketball players in them. Jam had MJ and Jordan playing basketball. "You remember the time" had Eddie Murphy and Naomi Campbell as well as Magic Johnson in it. This was about the time Magic announced that he was HIV+ve. Who would have thought that he'd outlive MJ.

Alas, it was all downhill after this for MJ. He might have taken these lines from Bad a little too seriously.

"Your Butt Is Mine
Gonna Take You Right
Just Show Your Face
In Broad Daylight"


Sharada said...

MJ, of course was a shocking thing in the morning. But then I am smiling at the Preeti Sagar bit. Hee hee! This brings back memories. Every child's companion in LKG and UKG--Preeti Sagar's Nursery Rhymes. Lemme go see if we still have her cassette in the rack. Didn't Bappi Da and Preeti Sagar do an album together kabhi? Some rhymes waali? Little hazy memory.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

everyone has MJ memories associated with some part of their childhood isnt it?

Australopithecus said...

@Sharada: well im not sure about the bappi lahiri sounds familiar though. do oy uknow that there was this bappi lahiri video game type.

Australopithecus said...

@Cynic: yes ji, I realized only now just how many.