Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ricky Martin is gay - DNA proudly announces
Editor sahab. This isn't news it's "olds", people figured that out some 13-14 years ago. Come on what is next, more blindingly obvious Headlines? "Politicians are corrupt", "CEOs are well paid" or even "Piles clinic pamphlets are amusing to read". Who cares if Ricky Martin is gay or not? Apparently to commemorate this event Ricky is rewriting one of his old songs to now bring you "Living Libido loco".

Now that, this item agenda is out of the way, the next item is "Water of the Ganges", no I'm not acting in this new magical film called Sorcar Raj.

Now this Sania Mirza - Shoaib Malik thing. This dude seems to have a thing for Hyderabadi girls or what. Now one good thing about this whole thing is that, she is moving to Dubai (I'm resisting making "Dubai gayo" jokes). Sania Mirza and her irritating voice and accent will no longer grate on Hyderabadi nerves. The sad part is, we will no longer see her other not so grating "Ass"ets (as well as the other things) as often as we'd like to - but good luck to her, with her future husbands track record in various alleged marital matters being somewhat iffy, going by press reports, she needs all the luck that she can get.


Kele Panchu said...

so.. Ricky comes (out) and Sania goes (away). :)

Australopithecus said...

yus. like the Hon. Everton Cummins-Goin.

Kele Panchu said...

A new twist to the story: