Saturday, December 06, 2003

The circus of elections is over in the four states. now , for the first time i am actually looking forward to elections here. because this is the first time I'll be allowed to exercise my franchise, cause basicaly the first elections since i turned 18.
but now the real problem arises. whom to vote for.
when given a choice between a dacoit,a rapist,a murderer,and others all three combined... whom do i vote for.
Its nice and easy in TN where there are two thugs playing leap frog, one naturally votes for the person who robbed you the longest time about anti incumbency playing a role.some dude once said
"Politicians,like diapers should be changed often.And for the same reason"
anyway elections ke liye time hai...parsoon dekhlinge...
jo jyada biryani khilayega
usi ko mera vote jayega..
chalo bhaiyon nare lagao.

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