Friday, October 29, 2004

I work with Geniuses. or Take a Bow

Example one : bahiyon aur behnon (in radio voice) Pesh hai....Namona No ek..Genius aadmi .comes happily having weighed 1g of a certain compound.Problem, I happen to know that there is a huge queue for the analitical balances.So upon carefull interrogation fo the subject(namely "arey makeode..kidhar weigh kara".). Subject points to another balance . This seems quite all right at first glance..but wait...that was a rough balance,the minimum weight you can measure on it is 2g.This guy happened to weigh 1g on it.Shabaash. He will win the Nobel Prize someday..Or at least the Bhatnagar Award.

Example2: This guy for some reason misunderstood the procedure reading:-" carefully evaporate the compound formed in an evaporating basin over a low flame."...He somehow misread it and procede to boil the damned thing in a beaker over a high flame.He comitted another cardinal sin. He left the compound to boil and walked away.This probably saved his life, because there was an explosion.You couldnt even find pieces of the beaker.
Take a bow.

Namona 3: This dude hands me a beaker and asks me to heat it.Now since this dude has never seen teh inside of a lab before,I was a little suspicious.Now again after skillful and long interogation it comes out that the compound he wants me to heat is Pottasium Chlorate (KClO3).
KClO3 + Heat ----> heap big sound (boooom).
I abused him like crazy.fucker if he wants to cary out experiments for naxals .Why bring me into the picture?
Take a bow

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