Wednesday, September 28, 2005

BCCI : Bored Crooks and Clowns in India

Whoa. Just a minute, I must have changed the channel by accident, I was looking for the BCCI elections and not the Bihar elections. With so much drama, repoll , boothcapturing, proxy voting, ineligable candidates.MP's I was wondering if it is the BCCI elections or the Bihar elections.
One thing is for sure, both have the largest collection of crooks (politician -crook same thing) going around.Only in the BCCI (till now) the thugery was more subtle.

Scenes from the meeting are not unlike any random Legistlative Assembly or even the Parliament. Any Parliamentarian worth his salt would have been proud of the way in which the proceedings were disturbed.

Parallel to the e-mail leak of course was news of KGB infiltration etc in the Govt. in the 70's. No one cared too much about that. We were more worried about how many supporters Sharad Pawar had.

Let us take a look at the main players of the Game. The "Game" does not refer to Cricket.

Jaggu Bhai BCCI: Oh Definitely Crook Category.

Run_there _is_ Beer Singh : Clown/Crook/Chamcha

Laaloo Panjoo: Crook^N. Jahan Samose mein Aalo Wahan hai Laaloo. After exhausting all other ways to make a quick illegal buck, here he is now.

Arun Tetleytea: He is into Cricket now?

Sharad Power (go get it):

Raj Singh: Oh! Very much in the Clown catagory, bordering on the Buffoon category.

I.S.Bindra.: Background mein Bindra Chamkega plays (to the tune of Bindia chamkegi)

Lalit Modi: who the hell is he? who cares.

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