Thursday, September 15, 2005

I had so many things to say as I was typing in my username and password. As soon as the page loaded ...Poof they disappear.

You are my Chicken fry.You are my fish fry.

My job has led me to appreciate all the schools I've been to. They were not that bad after all. Some weer comparitively downright fucking awesome.

oooooo Kreeeeeeeeshnaaaaaaaaaaa youv aaaare theee greatest myuzishyuuuuun aaf theese waarld

Starting a Blog is a good thing to do, like Donating to Charities or shooting Salman Khan or even Saurav Ganguly.

Subah-Subah jab khidki kholoon, baajoo vali ladki hai! Dil mera bole "Hello! How are you?".


Subah ko cheh baje raat hoti hai.

NC is back to old ways.30 people arrested this week . Maaki.Dil khush ho gaya. I was begining to wonder what happend to college.Somethings never change

Savali saloni teri jheel si aankhen,

I'm losing it.Fastly.

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