Monday, January 02, 2006


First post of the New Year. Happy New Year all.

So what have I been upto all these days you ask? You didn't? Well I am going to tell you anyway.

Was off gallivanting in the wilds of Uttaranchal.Not too many specimens of birds.But a lot many "specimens" of Homo sapiens were discovered.More on that later.

Bonfires.Whiskey and Rum.

Panthera pardus...What a sighting it was.A wild leopard at 20 yards.What an amazingly graceful animal.


Snow Fight .

A Small Niltava.....

DumbC on the trains to and fro..

Mind Blowing.


Anonymous said...

Damn! Everyone is holidaying and I am not!

The Coolest One said...

Oh good, you also stayed with '20 yards' nai? Was considering 12 yards, but better be consistent.

Heretic said...

How much were you doing while the leopard was 20 yards away? (as in 20 mph or just get ahead of until-now-best-friend?) :-))

Happy New Year, buddy. btw, what news of the Sensei that wasn't one?

apan ich. said...

AC:Run off to Nagerhole..

@the coolest one: Yeah innit :D too jeerow..tonty...1st sighting could have been at 12 tho. was trying to measure the other day...but lets just stick to 20 .

@heretic: Happy New year...we were stationary...:D took us time to collect our eyeballs that had popped out ...very difficult looking for eyeballs without them.

Gemini Girl said...


obscured said...

wow. leopard and all. wow. very jealous. i have just seen the silhouette of a leopard once and its eyes glowing in the dark. exciting but not much to talk about really. oh and once i think i managed to spot the tail of one.

anyways, have a great new year! :)

Non-Sensei said...

*insert other such*

I said...

obscured: more loafing in the wild must be done..for best results..once yearly..

@NS: i told no 2 yrs ago only join up join up bolke...and now u see advantages of my semi-job :D