Saturday, January 07, 2006

Yesterday, I found myself in the vicintiy of that hallowed institution where many people valiantly attempted to impart education to yours truly-well one of the many hallowed "Institutions" where such exercises in futility were carried out at any rate.Since I was in the vicinity, and entry as usual was free and so was I, went in.
Disgraceful!!! College was totally empty at 3 in the afternoon, hardly any people lounging about..People actually attending afternoon classes, those who didnt attend go home katte..Arey in my time .No no we did not walk from Trichy to Madurai barefeet like the old uncleji used to say..we just hung around in college till late and indulged in various 'extracuricular' activities...err you know dramatics and so on (other than getting sloshed and re-enacting Sholay's Water tower scene).The quiz club we started is dead. That used to be fun.Afternoons spent lounging under a giant tamarind tree, smoking ,drinking and of course quizzing(we mustn't forget that now).We aslo managed attendence percentages of over 90,how that was achieved is another post.
Aaj ke studentaan don't want to take part in extracurricular activities ..That is what happens when you have high cut offs..too many muggu candidates...ask them about mime and they will give you a blank look , I wish they would give me a blank cheque.But ask them about mimosa and they will recite pages and pages totall word to word form A.C.Dutta...Things have changed so much.Arey! no one was even smoking!!! Tthat was soon remedied though.I sat alone and was full lost in nostalgia( and nicotine),untill some of the Chem lab staff recognised me and shook me out of my reverie by asking for chai-pani.Well there are some things that never change..


obscured said...

it is sad how the next generations have no respect for the traditions we leave behind for them.
Somebody i met the other day told me the current batch of students in my post-grad school no longer play volleyball at 3 am. sigh!the tragedy. they ahve no idea what they're missing out on.
btw, happy new yr and all the jazz.

Arcane Crapper said...

Hoo Hoo Hoo... You are a riot... I swear!

i said...

@obscured: 3am volleyball..sounds like fun..:D

@AC: thanks..speaking of riots..did i tell you about the time when we started one?...well a post on that a little later..

The Coolest One said...

Hau re, childrens are not understanding value of traditions, what to do? If they are not attending class, they are going home, aa? Shiva, shiva! Is desh ka kya hoga?