Friday, July 28, 2006

A: Its 2045 hrs and we can't get tickets for the night show of Superman Returns. What do we do?
B: Hmm..well I kno what, lets go and visit our beloved Manmohan ji. He is also a Superman, only instead of blue suit he wears blue pagdi. and besides its his time of the day?
C: Don't ask me I'm just an AC mechanic.
A: What do you mean his time of the day.
B:He is not a morning person
A: what?
B: Unne AM nahin Pm hain. See its 2045 hours boletho 8:45 PM its definitly not time to meet the AM.
A: Oooh yes. let the PM.
Kali Billi.: Kaun hain?
C: Main AC mechanic hoon.
A,B,C: Kya hum PM se mil sakte hain?
KB: Sure why not apply at gate 2, within striking range of the entire cabinet of the country.
K at gate 2: Who are you
ABC( in chorus): Crocodile Corcodile can we cross the golden river? err we mean bhaiyya bhiyya can we meet PM.
KB2: It depends. first get me a Shrubbery...err sorry wrong script..but yes are you winners of K serials Meet the PM contest?
ABC: No.
KB: Then so sorry.please leave.
ABC : retreat singing Koi humdum na raha/ Koi SAHARA na raha.


ganty said...

kya tho bhi mian

Silpa said...

How real life does imitate your khattas...