Saturday, February 03, 2007

Is desh kya yaaron kya kehana.
Part 1 : Yeh desh hai veer jawaano ka.
(with apologies to Plum)

The Army was abolished with help of Social Justice NGOs, as it has inherent class system, jawans can’t sip whiskey in the DSOA club with Generals and so on, so it was proposed, by various groups to remove this class distinction. “How can you have such a caste system in the army” they cried, “when all men are born equal”. “Henceforth all personnel will have the rank of General and then they can ‘social’ise together wherever they want”. If that isn’t true social justice, I don’t know what is. It seems to work fine in many South American and African republics. And they are all doing very well. They have even got together an OPEC type organisation and export items of clothing, under the brand name “Banana Republic”. As a result of this there was as one would expect) large-scale confusion.

General Somu (formerly Sep. Somu) wonders why he should apply gheru and chunna to the trees when General Singh (formerly General Singh) should travel in his black staff car (with red light and four stars), therefore large scale fighting breaks out and as we all know the army has access to weapons…I will spare you the details…all I will say is that it gave a new meaning to the terms ‘Officer’s Mess’ and ‘General Insanity’. The long and the short of it is that, the army was disbanded and as they did not have a band, they could not march and perform drills.


Rimi said...

It seems to work fine in many South American and African republics.


P.S: I suggest you look right, then left, then right again very carefully when you leave your house hereafter.

Anonymous said...

Social Justice NGOs

ROTFL!!! Awesome!

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Australopithecus said...

@Rimi: that would work only in the us im afraid as traffic allegedly keeps to the left here :P.
being a true blue hyderabadi...i never motors will testify..neither do the rest of hyderabads 7 million odd people.

Australopithecus said...

@AC: :D