Saturday, May 12, 2007

Here is the latest from our other bunch of jokers (the first being housed in Parliament) But It is indeed becoming difficult to tell those chaps apart.
So comments from yours truly in brackets.

This is an actual 100% genuine press release. except for my 81 paise worth. Thanks to boredsub for sending me this press release.


Hon. Secretary's Office, BCCI, Rajkot


12th May, 2007

Regarding update on injury of Majnoj Tiwary.

(Manoj? ya Majnu?)

Mr Niranjan Shah, Hon Secretary, BCCI has announce following update on injury of Manoj Tiwary.

"Manoj Tiwary sustained an injury to the right shoulder while fielding at Dhaka. His shoulder came out and this was then relocated by Indian team physio Mr John Gloster.
(His shoulder came out, but the rest of him is straight)

Today Dr Anant Joshi examines Manoj at Mumbai and his MRI revealed a tear of antero inferior labrum. ( Inferior! Now I know you are talking about the cricket team)

(Ise kehte hain, international cricket dekhte ich uski phat gayi.)

Considering Manoj's age and demands of his dominant arm, arthroscopic shoulder surgery will be done by Dr Joshi on Monday. (Demands of his dominant arm, at his age too. The BCCI should not only foot his bill, but set him up as well. You wouldn't want him , to further damage anything in performing demanding activities with dominant arm.)

Post surgery, he is likely to be in a sling for three to four weeks and will then require rehab. Before full function can be achieved." ( He is likely to be in a sling eh? Why? Is he training to go on the moon mission? Will they put him on the sling and swing him round round round untill he reaches escape velocity?)

Philhal bus itna hi. Agli baar phir milenge. Namaskar.


The Not So Talkative Man said...

More like, his shoulder came out, went for a stroll around the park, was spotted idling near the sight screen by John Gloster, reprimanded for it, and asked to go back into Tiwary's arm socket.

By the way, check out my latest post.

Australopithecus said...

hehe One can almost imagine John Gloster telling the errant shoulder...OI! You! get back in there! Don't make me come after you!
Aaj kal ke joints! no respect for elders only!