Monday, July 23, 2007

A friend of mine went to Bangkok recently, the city and not the action. He was telling about some of his experiences there. When one talks about koks can pussies be far behind?

So this chap goes to this show where women are doing weird things, with various parts of their anatomy. Like this one: Women are opening beer bottles with their unmentionables.

Woah! I have trouble just opening bottles with openers, (these days the openers spend lots of time in the dressing room). No, but seriously, how did they come up with this idea.

Dyam! No opener...I wonder if I could open it with my cunt?


insomniac said...

... charming, what say. as a representative of the species of the female, i can genuinely say: ouch.

CreditWoman said...

A very strange thing. Can't imagine how such an idea came to their mind.