Thursday, October 02, 2003

allright, ok maybe im not the most intelligent man on this i usually need certain things to be explained to me. like this for instance...what exactly do you mean when you say a self help group. i mean comeon this is one of the worst oxymorons i've heard since military intelligence.
so what exactly does one do in a self help group....does everyone sit in a room together(but separately) and solve thier problems independently(but together)...damn this is confusing....i think ill enroll in a self help group for dumb idiots who ask way to many questions for thier own good(and they'd better shut up or else the boss wont like it. and u know what happens to people whom the boss doesn't like, right?...they sleep with teh fishes. [do u mean fish?] no you !@#$!@$! i mean fishes . u will sleep with the fishes like luca brazi.)

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