Friday, October 03, 2003

unearthed my fave T shirt today. the most comfortable one i own.
unfortunately this is also one of teh reasons why ive worn it so many times that it now resembles a poncha kapda and has also been pressed into service on that front once , but i valiantly rescued it. and after a bit of washing and all that it was good enuff to wear again(much to the despair of my parents).
i just realised that this has survived 5 years of severe illtreatment at my hands(well not hands exactly but u figure..). and to survive ill treatment from me ladles and jelly spoons is no mean task. yes the once black colour has now faded to an indeterminate sort of blue green gray colour .but it is as comfortable as teh day i bought it in a small little shop.chose this over ones with real rude messages and stuff the sanest being brother went to kathmandu and all he got me was this !@#$all tshirt.
now coming back to teh point....weell not quite 5 yrs.(few months short so anyway this calls for a celebration....anyone kind enuff to give this fakir a treat?

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